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The National U.S. Hong Kong Business Association (NUSHKBA) was formed on February 19th, 2004 in Honolulu, Hawaii with the mission of facilitating and assisting with the development of member organizations and promoting the development of new member organizations throughout the United States.

NUSHKBA consists of over 2,600 individual members from twelve Hong Kong Business Associations located in the states of California, Georgia, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

Hong Kong Family

We are supported by the Hong Kong Family comprised of the following organisations from Hong Kong:

Board of Directors

Chairman - Henry Yu (Hong Kong Association of Atlanta)

Interim President - Kory Lam (Hong Kong Association of Northern California)

Secretary - Fion Chong (Hong Kong Business Association of Nevada)

Treasurer - Derek Ng (Hong Kong Association of Southern California)

Hong Kong Association of Atlanta
Henry Yu

Hong Kong Association of Florida
Robert Lee

Hong Kong Association of  Hawaii
Barinna Poon

Hong Kong Association of Massachusetts
Johnny Ip

Hong Kong Business Association of the Midwest
Mark Staublin

Hong Kong Business Association of Nevada
Fion Chong

Hong Kong Association of New York
Rodrigo Sadi

Hong Kong Association of Northern California
Kory Lam

Hong Kong Association of Northern Texas
Daniel Chen

Hong Kong Business Association of Pennsylvania
Kenneth Wong

Hong Kong Association of Southern California
Wilson Tang

Hong Kong-Greater China Business Association of Washington
Michael Tong

Chairman Circle

Henry Yu (Chair 2021)

Mark Staublin (Chair 2020/ 2019)

Ruth Ma (Chair 2018)

Robert Lee (2017)

Johnny Yip (Chair 2015/2016)

Andy Yip (Chair 2014)

Fred Teng (Chair 2013)

Dennis Lee (Chair 2012)

Barinna Poon (Chair 2011)

Kenneth Wong (Chair 2010)

Benjamin Lee (Chair 2009)

Eugene Hanratty (Chair 07/08)

Dawn Haghighi (Chair 06/07)

Laisin Lee (Chair 05/06)

Raymond Cheng (Chairman 04/05)

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